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Low level aerial photographs in Costa Rica

Camera platform – We have chosen remote control electric multi rotor lifters for our aircraft. The multi rotor can remain airborne for approximately ten minutes (depending on the camera payload). More airborne time is achieved with extra charged batteries. The multi rotors are equipped with a vibration damped camera platform that is stabilized with two gyroscopes. Camera angel and direction is controlled from the ground station or radio.

Photographs and HD Video

Still camera – The digital camera is a special lightweight unit that is capable of taking 11 megapixel images. The camera takes time lapse every 0.5, 1, 2, 10, 30 and 60 seconds. The fields of view are 127º and 170º. Upon landing, the photographs can be reviewed by removing the SDHC card and loading it into a portable computer.

Video camera – The same camera used for photographs can also take Full HD videos of 1080 pixels (1920 x 1080), 30 frames per second NTSC standard. The fields of view are 90º, 127º and 170º . Faster frame rates can be achieved using 48, 60 or 120 feet per second and reducing the video resolution. As with still images, the video can be reviewed with a portable computer or HD TV equipped with digital input plugs.

Post production

Post production of aerial photographs – The resulting digital photographs can be improve with special software in the following areas: increase resolution, digital airbrushing to remove unwanted objects, correcting and balancing colors, correcting wide angle distortion. Photographs can be saved in formats and file types for: printing, internet, power point and large scale posters.

Post production of HD videos – HD video can be improved with special software in the following areas: sizing, smoothing camera movement, color balance, establishing moods, soundtracks, special transitions or fades and text overlays.

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Services Overview

It is our endeavor to provide our clients in Costa Rica, with complete solutions to their aerial photograph needs.

  • Low level aerial photographs
  • Post production of digital photographs
  • Limited HD aerial video and post production

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